Finding Fonts

Nov 30, 2005 by

I was on a quest today for free fonts. It’s something I do every now and then. I was chuckling at the names of some of these...

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Social Niceties

Nov 29, 2005 by

I went to lunch with my new bosses today. These are men who are easy to be around, have little pretense of machismo, and are just...

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A Word about John

Nov 26, 2005 by

John, my beloved 16-year old son, is bugging the crap out of me. He is theoretically grounded, but as I am the Wussy Mom, I did let...

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The Illustrated Christmas List...

Nov 25, 2005 by

On a previous post I illustrated all the thing I wanted for Christmas. So far, I believe I am receiving two them for sure, and...

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The bloat has begun

Nov 24, 2005 by

Every year I find it ironic that a meal that takes 6 hours to prepare and cook is consumed in 25 minutes and the feasters are...

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