To My Invisible Reader

Mar 31, 2006 by

This post appears on Maternal Alchemy I just realized that my husband’s ex-wife (whom I have never met) reads my...

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On Poo-Poo Princessdom

Mar 30, 2006 by

This post appears on Maternal Alchemy Linda and I went Visiting Teaching last night, and on our way back she posed a question to me....

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Drum Roll, please

Mar 26, 2006 by

Here you go… the unveiling of the new site. No, I’m not abandoning blogger as of yet, but all the good stuff will be on...

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Secret Mission

Mar 23, 2006 by

I have a secret mission. Omar made me do it. Shhhh… don’t tell. I’m working on my own website. Yup… it will be...

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Radio for Women?

Mar 22, 2006 by

There is a giant picture of Kurt Bestor and Rebecca Cressman on every public bus in Provo touting the new AM 820 Radio for Women. For...

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