Bah Humbug

Oct 31, 2007 by

Top Ten Reasons I Hate Halloween Kjarsti wants to buy a skanky pirate costume for $65 Children knock on your door begging for...

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Feng Shuiing, Baby

Oct 29, 2007 by

One of the first rules to Feng Shui is to clear the clutter. You knew that, right? Why do you think there are so many “clean...

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Friday Fun

Oct 26, 2007 by

I’m feeling spunky today.  It’s Friday, the end of another week, and there is only fun, fun, fun to follow. The Woo...

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From the ashes…

Oct 25, 2007 by

How like a phoenix we are.  Our lives burn to rubble, and then somehow we emerge again. I was talking with Kjarsti last night and...

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AbFab Tuesday

Oct 23, 2007 by

If you don’t know Absolutely Fabulous, the outrageous British Comedy starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, you have...

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