Hobgoblins of Mojo

Nov 28, 2007 by

Actually, this post has nothing to do with Hobgoblins or Mojo, but since the post is going to be random in nature, I figured...

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Psycho Psleep

Nov 27, 2007 by

Why can’t I sleep like other people? I take meds to sleep, and sometimes they don’t work. Like last night. I’d...

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What happened this weekend

Nov 26, 2007 by

A lot of jammie wearing Pie eating Sleeping in Hanging with kids Playing with Jane (who has grown about 1.5 lbs) Sleeping with Robbie...

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The quiet after

Nov 24, 2007 by

when we last left our story, I was headed home to make pies.  Well, it was a very successful pie making venture.  I was entertained...

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Check, double check

Nov 21, 2007 by

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. As I am Chief Cook and Bottle Washer for the day, it is incumbent upon me to do a) the...

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