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May 22, 2007 by

Julia made the comment last night that I was “inactive” when it came to reading my blogs and keeping updated posts. Maybe she’s right. I’ve just been distracted.

This is what distracted me last night. Check out this house we found. We shall see…

I had one of the first weekends off from trainings in months. It was so nice to sleep in, go to breakfast with the whole family, and clean out the garage. I started on the basement, but that was overwhelming. I sorted through boxes and repacked some things. The boys took a load to the dump and I took a very full Woo-Mobile to the DI. It was a good day.

I have to say, Julia has been quite entertaining lately. Well, she always is, but more so lately. At breakfast we all had a good laugh because Kjarsti announced that her life’s ambition was to be a tattoo artist. I shouldn’t have laughed. Really. If this is her love, she should go for it. So, we all went around the table listing ridiculous life ambitions. Rob said, “I want to be a cultivator.” Julia came back quickly, “Does that mean you will be starting a lot of cults?” Honestly, that just made me laugh.

We are going to Denver this weekend to see Wicked. Yeah! So excited about that.. it’s quite the girls’ weekend. We are staying over Saturday night and wandering back on Sunday afternoon. I hope I am not dissapointed because Idina and Kristen aren’t the leads.

Today is piano day. I hate to say this, but I am in a countdown. Only 3 more weeks (counting today). It just seems to cut my day up. I love it when I get there, it’s just gearing up and getting there that is hard.

And now a word about the Bachelor. First of all, ok, so he has rock-hard abs. The man has no personality. However, he did make the right choice. Whiney-baby blonde who tried way too hard to make her point was not a happening thing. Tessa was the obvious choice, the more beautiful, the more articulate, the less whiney. Why did Julia and I watch this? I have no idea.

And tonight… Idol Jordin all the way.

Enough with the pop culture review. Back to work.

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  1. Sam

    Oh, you won’t be disappointed! We just got back last night and it was so worth the drive.
    I was bummed it wasn’t the original cast too, but I was really impressed. I thought the show was great and they did awesome vocally. I would totally see it again.
    I hope your trip goes as well as mine did!

  2. glo

    The house looks perfect! It’s so big – you’ll finally have enough space!

    Enjoy Wicked – it’s wonderful any way they play it, I think.

  3. Oh do have fun! I’m still a little sad my trip to see Wicked in LA got cancelled due to a death in the family (although he was 98 and he really wanted to go home.)

    Love the house!

    And even if you have been so deeply immersed IRL that you have been a bit absent from blogworld you still haven’t lost your touch when it comes to photoshop. Thanks for doctoring up Rosie for me. It was perfect!

  4. Real life has been intruding on my blogging time for the past few months. The scriptures were so right about that time and season thing. Maybe this isn’t your ‘Blog Season.’

    To everything turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn. Sorry, I can’t help thinking about that song every single time.

  5. By the way, you got me back on a Joni Mitchell kick a few months ago, and now my girls are loving it. Especially, “Help Me.”

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