House Hunting Continues

May 24, 2007 by

I am continually amazed at the designs for homes that people come up with.  Giant master bathrooms with no shower.  Big rooms with no windows.  Wallpaper that should have been taken down two decades ago.

Yesterday I walked into a home they want to rent for $1300 a month.  People, just because you have new carpet and fresh paint doesn’t mean the house shouldn’t have been demolished 15 years ago.  It is butt-scary.  And people, when your cats pee on the carpet and then you shut the house up for weeks, the stench doesn’t really say “rent me”.  Just a tip.

There is some good news in all this.  All this wandering around Utah County has forced me to learn how to use the Navigation system on my car.  When I input the address (which is tricky for Utah addresses) a friendly lady tells me where to turn. With only one minor exception I have been able to drive right to the house.

For those of you who fell in love with the house pictures I posted earlier this week, let me just say that the owners isn’t terrifically motivated to rent.  He wanted a $10,000 deposit.  That is like first and last month’s rent and about 8 months inbetween.   As much as I loved the house and could totally see us there, well, money doesn’t grow on my trees (I don’t have any).

I know I’ll find something suitable soon.  Suitable is defined as a) enough bedrooms  b) enough bathrooms  c) relatively safe neighborhood d) fairly close to freeway access (i.e. not Eagle Mountain which is 25 minutes from the freeway through Lehi) and e) something Brent feels we can afford.  I am using the “Law of Attraction” here, so I will report on how it is working.

It is an exhausting process… perhaps more than moving itself.  However, I have Monday to begin the official packing process.

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  1. Oh my freakin heck!!!! I came across a blog linked by a friend of mine that says they named their baby Paisley Kate. Are these the same people from your ward that you told me about on my blog a few months ago???!!?? Could there really be two baby girls saddled with such a horrible name? Is there some sort of Brad Paisley cult that I don’t know about and they force you to name your baby after him? Will people start naming their kids Plaid and Argyle next?

  2. Happy hunting! I know you will find something fun!

  3. John

    I think you might like the blog “Mormanity” It’s a fun place – deals with LDS issues, topics, news, social oddities, sometimes doctrine. Check it out!

  4. glo

    $10,000!! That’s robbery!

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