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May 31, 2007 by

“A shift, a shift, my kindgdom for a shift!” Nah, Ol’ King Richard didn’t have it quite right, although that particular non-Shakesperean sentiment sums up where I am. Just feeling kinda… I don’t know… not quite right. I hate to use words like “depressed” or “out of my body” because those are way too precise for what I am feeling. I think the best term would be “limbo” although the Catholics don’t believe in that anymore.

So, I turned to my woo sources. Tonight is the Full Moon. Well, I don’t think I’m turning into a Werewolf, so that doesn’t quite explain it. However, it is a great time to make those intentions to R E L E A S E. I will be intentending to release this “something”, this “je ne sais quoi” that has been tagging me for a few days.

Another woo source says this about where we are:

We are teetering on the very threshold of a new phase…a new phase of forward movement, but most importantly, of rapid and magical manifestation. The past few weeks we were completing a phase of arriving in our new spaces. This involved much change, arriving in the new, re-arranging and organizing, and a very new nesting as well.

During this last phase much arrived for us indeed, and mostly relating to our new dimensional and energetic spaces. But now, as of June 1st, we will once again experience some awesome and incredible energies that will bring to us the manifestations of our dreams.

Yes, I could surely use some dream manifestation! I could use my house showing up. I could use my back healing. I could use some greater charity for certain folk.



I don’t know what’s coming… but something is. I am mailing in my Master’s Thesis, and finishing up my classes. Then I begin on my Doctoral dissertation. Can you see that this summer is going to turn out to be amazing?


Oh, and my new computer should be ready by Monday! That means I will have a smokin’ hot computer at home as well as at work. That was a great manifestation on my part, wasn’t it?


See, I guess the funk will wear off in time. In the meanwhile, there is chocolate and a warm summer day.

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  1. glo

    Eat more chocolate. I just finished off an entire box of Le Petit Ecolier to make it through my own shiftiness.

  2. melody

    I like what you wrote. Shift and shift again…isn’t that what it means to be a wooman?

    I wish for you a new house and renewed back. Have a lovely wooeekend.

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