A wee bit blue

Jul 25, 2007 by


Don’t know why, but woke up this morning with a “blueness” about me. Kind of that “ok, now what do we do” feeling, which has no basis in reality. Perhaps it was lingering dreams that had escaped out of my mind in a grey mist before the alarm went off. I lay in bed before arising and tried to shake it off.

Why be blue, I asked, when Utah is finally getting some rain?

Why be blue when you leave for Aruba in 30 days?

Why be blue when the future is opening up to you in amazing ways?

Why be blue when you just found out your Master’s Thesis was accepted and approved?

Then I got to work and read the latest energy alert:

After our time of completing the cleansing, preparation time, and going deep to excavate any denser energies within us, we were then ready to move forward into a higher vibrating reality involving higher vibrating energies.

Some manifestations include sleepiness, deep and long nighttime sleeps, difficulty in formulating a thought, spaciness, giddiness, extreme difficulty in accomplishing anything or encompassing any discipline, a stronger than normal negative reaction to old systems and structures, anger when involved with the old reality, feeling as if you are floating, feeling as if you are not all here, not really knowing where you are, no real sense of direction or connection to anything, and even an extreme apathy about most everything. You may even feel like crying a river…or experiencing great sorrow.

And I realized, again, that sometimes what is going on with me isn’t just me and my own strangeness or hyper-sensitivity. Maybe there is some cosmic energy force that does affect the way I feel.

And then sometimes it is just me. Completing the end of moving, and looking for the new season that is coming. It is all about endings and beginnings.

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  1. John

    Are you taking the $250.00 one way flight via JetBlue to Aruba? And uf not, what other great offers have you found (I may want to take a little v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n)

  2. I always get that way after holidays.

    Maybe it’s The Day after the 24th of July Letdown.

  3. I am sorry, I hate those days. You can shake it off and have many wonderful reasons to do just that. Have a great weekend!

  4. Congrats about your thesis. Sorry about your wee bit blue days. Hope the sun came out sooner rather than later.

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