Foto Tuesday

Jul 31, 2007 by

Because enough of the whiney-bitchy-boring stuff.

Julia, Kjarsti, and Robbie decided to go tubing down the Provo River yesterday.  They had great hopes that it would tons of fun.  It wasn’t.  They all came home with scrapes, abrasions, and reports that it was boring.  Oh well.


It made for good foto-ops.



Here I am in my office with my Rapid Eye wand. I will have at least 5 hours of practice this week!  Blink and breathe, baby.


Here is another shot of the office.  There isn’t a ton of room in there, but it works great as a Rapid Eye room.  There are still some things I want to have in there… but that will have to wait.

And lastly, here are Julia and Kjarsti on their way to see Harry Potter.  Everthing is a foto-op for those girls.


And there you have Foto Tuesday.  Tomorrow, back to the whining.  Maybe.

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  1. That Rapid Eye thing looks pretty cool! I read the description of the process in your sidebar and if it really does all those things then you are going to be the most popular person in your neighborhood by the end of September!

    And thanks to Harry Potter, wands are SO stylish these days! Good luck!

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