Living the Mystery

Jul 31, 2007 by


“Let the world unfold without trying to figure it all out,” says Wayne Dyer in his new book “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.”

“Let relationships just be, for example, since everything is going to stretch out in Divine order. Don’t try so hard to make something work – simply allow.”

The dichotmy of allowing and desiring is one of the mysteries, the paradox that represents one element of truth. We can wish for something and then allow it to manifest. Be open minded, be non-judgmental, allow the Divine way to come forth.

So, as I study this book, which I don’t even know why I picked up, but it wanted to come home with me, I will share some of my feelings about what I read. I do know that I suffer from “figure-it-all-out-ness” and will drive myself crazy with the over analyzing of things. As one who ardantly professes a faith in the Divine, I do have a tendency to want to direct the Divine as to when and how things should manifest in my life. Control freak? Hey, I heard that!

So, today I am practicing living the mystery of allowing and desire to co-exist in the moment.

My head hurts.

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  1. When I am aimlessly flipping through channels and Wayne Dyer is on I am drawn to sit and listen. I like him very much. I am anxiously awaiting your thoughts on the book, I might pick one up myself.

  2. I went to see the live taping of “Change your thoughts…” and it was AMAZING! Thank you for reminding me that his book is out, I can’t wait to buy it. Please continue posting your thoughts on it. I’m a control freak, too, although I tell my friends to just let the Universe do its job. Someone should remind ME of that once in a while…

  3. wow, this is really where i’m at….full of desire, wishes….and then…feeling i have to hurry up to make a decision about direction and feeling impatient about outcomes…and….i’m not sure what to do about the state i’m in…but this post i needed to read and meditate on…i know about magic, i have worked plenty of magic, but if that is so, then…why am i in this state right now? hhhhmm. i’m baffled really…anyway…being in over one’s head is enough to turn even a level headed gal into something of a linda blair from the exorcist!!! aaaaahhh. and i must do something about it!

  4. I just heard about Wayne Dyer’s new book yesterday so your mentioning it here caught my attention. You’re so right, the desiring and allowing dance isn’t so easy to master, but I believe it’s one of the things we came here to learn. Once we’ve practiced it enough to master it, we become conscious creators of our reality. We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. We are wizards in the making :-) Thanks for visiting me today.

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