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Sep 17, 2007 by


It was a good weekend. A weekend of family, friends, gathering around the firepit, errands, and relaxing. In fact, my nap on Saturday afternoon involved flamingos wandering through the yard of my Santa Barbara estate. Not bad, huh?

However, this morning I woke up with my mind running at a very high RPM. This happens occassionally, especially since we leave Thursday for Weird Shift Weekend. There is a lot to do… and this time I have three children who are participating. So, as I was praying this morning, asking for some peace, some guidance, and some balance, this popped into my inbox:

It is generally true that the more insistent voices in our heads delivering messages that make us feel panicky or afraid are of questionable authority. They may be voices we internalized from childhood or from the culture, and as such they possess only half-truths. Their urgency stems from their disconnectedness from the center of our being, and their urgency is what catches our attention. The other voice that whispers reassurances that everything is fundamentally okay simply delivers its message with quiet confidence. Once we hear it, we know it speaks the truth. Generally, once we have heard what it has to say, a powerful sense of calm settles over our entire being, and the other voices and sounds, once so dominant, fade into the background, suddenly seeming small and far away.

How amazing that God can answer our prayers through email. I think that is a very cool thing. If only I had the return address, I’d send him a foward about Bill Gates.

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  1. hey thanks, that was a great message and one i needed to hear/read/ruminate on as well….i feel that way sometimes, too, a sense of some urgency, even though i might not be able to put my finger on what it is precisely that needs my urgent attention…maybe the urgent attention is on the fact that nothing is urgent!! lol! anyway, thanks, you are one cool lady!!!

    hope your upcoming weekend goes wonderfully!

  2. Love this post!

    Hope you have a good weekend.

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