Trying New Things

Sep 20, 2007 by


I had acupuncture this week for my shoulder.  I survived.  The pain is better.


I will do a firewalk on Saturday night.  I know I’ll do it, because three of my kids will also be doing it.


Getting on top of my finances… finally.  Things are looking up. In fact, things are great.


 Really speaking my truth.  Regardless of the perceived cost, embarrassment, or fear of judgment.  Just stating it. Plain and simple.

I was invited to participate in a group of bloggers who blog about personal development.  I am honored, and surprised.  I just blog about me, and I try to portray the truth about where I am the best I can, while also respecting others in my real life who don’t want their dramas spread all over the internet.  I just tell it the best I can, try to share the humor in my life, and move on.

So, I’m leaving in a second to go to Lava with the kids.  I can’t wait to share with you all that happens this weekend… it is my intention that I personally experience some “weird shifts” and come home renewed and excited about my life.

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