Weird Shift

Sep 25, 2007 by

It has taken me this long to get back in my body from a most FANTASTIC and UPLIFTING weekend. Spending time with my “family of choice” as well as my family by birth was amazing. To be able to watch my community embrace my children with love and open arms was incredible. I’m running out of adjectives.


Here is Julia in her “Shine”. A Shine is a dance, a celebration, a chance to dress up, be a kid, and just have a lot of fun.


Here is Robbie during his shine. Do you just love the mullet and plastic blue guitar! He was such a Rock Star this weekend. He absolutely went for it and is a changed man.


Here are my kids on the couch with Annie and Debbie, two of our Alchemists. Can you see the love?


This is John, believe it or not… they are doing the “Chicken Dance Song.” Love the hair.

About the Firewalk. I didn’t do it. I had been facilitating and doing music for 8 hours on Saturday, and by the time the Firewalk came along I was wiped out. So, I went to bed and all three of my children had a fantastic experience walking the fire. In fact, they all walked multiple times. Are they amazing, or what?

So many good things are happening. I am so grateful for all the experiences I’ve had because my kids stand by me and with me in all the things I do.


This is me with Greg on the last day. Do I look tired or what?

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  1. I so want to walk on fire…I am jealous of Jules now. Glad you had such an amazing time…good for you.

  2. Oh, it looks like you guys had such a great time!

    Great mullet, by the way. I live in the South, and I know from mullets :)

  3. THAT IS SO AWESOME! good for your guys, i’m glad you had such a fabulous time! yaaay!

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