The quiet after

Nov 24, 2007 by

when we last left our story, I was headed home to make pies.  Well, it was a very successful pie making venture.  I was entertained by my daughter’s friend, Ben while I baked.  And a new term came into our lives: “Pre-Pie”.  Pre-pie is the extra filling that doesn’t fit in the crust, that you eat the night before Thanksgiving. It’s a winner.

Thanksgiving morning I arose at 7:30, stuffed the bird, and threw it in the oven.  Throwing it was difficult, as it weighed about 56 pounds when stuffed.  Back to bed I went, and several hours later the family gathered for coffee and turkey talk.  (Yes, there were actual gobbles)  Thanks to a fantastic meat thermometer and various adjustments on the oven temp, the bird was done a) on time and b) perfectly.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. We were all together, all happy, all relaxed. The food was perfect. And, thanks to a tip from my sister, the turkey was carved to perfection. (There was a turkey carving video on the NYTimes website, and it changed my life.)

We watched Rent after dinner, ate pies much later than usual, and managed to be up very late that night.

Yesterday was a wash. All of us just kind of sat around in a daze. It’s like the Turkey hangover hit the next day.

Today we have cleaned the house, are making turkey soup, running errands, and have even showered. I know. Hard to believe.

Now I will watch the end of the BYU-Utah game, put my feet up and continue the quiet.

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.

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  1. i just adore the quiet after.
    i also adore you.

  2. It sounds blissful.
    And what is it about the day after daze? It hit us too and I didn’t even cook. :)
    Enjoy the quiet, the puttering about and making soup, the feeling of being so at home inside the skin.

  3. ahh the quiet after, but boy howdy– i was like a slug all weekend . . got so little accomplished– must be this GUT I’m dragging about— omg, no matter how balanced I think I am eating, it all catches up with me . . . gaf.

    *rolls back onto the sofa*

  4. sounds perfect…
    bear hug,

  5. It was indeed a perfect weekend for puttering.

  6. mmmmm it was a wonderful long weekend!! very cozy…we were lucky with dry weather, so did a lot of bundled up walking with the babydog enjoying the crisp autumn air….
    deeeeeeeeep breath.. mmmm.

    youre so funny, gave me a giggle. i’m glad you had a wonderful weekend too!

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