What happened this weekend

Nov 26, 2007 by

  1. A lot of jammie wearing
  2. Pie eating
  3. Sleeping in
  4. Hanging with kids
  5. Playing with Jane (who has grown about 1.5 lbs)
  6. Sleeping with Robbie and Jane (who at one point got stuck in the blankets and whined until I woke up Rob)
  7. Watching made-for-TV Christmas movies starring Melissa Gilbert and John Denver
  8. Sending both girls to the store to buy lemons, and getting onions both times.
  9. Making turkey noodle soup, yum
  10. Catching up on General Hospital. I hold Glo totally responsible for this. I haven’t watched GH since 1989, but for some reason (soapnet) have started picking up on it again. It is a sad, sad thing. (Now that I think of it, she is likely responsible for my Dancing with the Stars habit… or maybe Marie is the one responsible for my GH habit. I don’t know, but whatever it is, it isn’t good.)

And now it is Monday again. A morning with an alarm clock and a required shower. A morning of reluctantly drying my hair and not wearing it in a pony tail. A morning where I actually donned a bra.

And now I’m going home. I have survived. Tonight, a trip to the library with Kjarsti and helping her with History homework. And jammies.

Did I mention the jammies?

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  1. the bra is the first thing that comes off when I hit the door!

  2. The jammies are the best part!

  3. glo


    I have won over more to my Dancing and GH habit. Did you not just LOVE Anthony Zacchara?! I’m so in frightened love with the evil freak. And so mad at Elizabeth – spine, please, dearest. Now.

    As for Dancing….I’m still mad about Sabrina leaving, but I do love Marie’s grace under pressure. May I be an off-center Mormon woman with just such ease.

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