Hobgoblins of Mojo

Nov 28, 2007 by

Actually, this post has nothing to do with Hobgoblins or Mojo, but since the post is going to be random in nature, I figured “what the hell” and named it that anyway.

So, on to the randomness.

First, stop what you are doing and read this post over at Beyond the Map. Bella is amazing and I believe every woman (and man) should apply the thoughts in this post to their life.

Second, for those of you who are feeling a titch out of sorts, there’s a reason for that. You can read the lastest Energy Alert here. And tell me if it doesn’t sum up exactly where you are.

So in essence, we may feel as if there are collisions everywhere! We may not feel as though we are in alignment with anything, that we do not belong anywhere, and that there is friction wherever we turn! But the friction stems from the fact that the aspects of ourselves which are vibrating from the illusions we believe or perceive, or in other words, the lower vibrating aspects of ourselves, are what is causing the friction and collision energy. When we eventually are able to make adjustments in our energy, or the way we perceive things, then things smooth out for us to a great degree.


We are currently in upheaval energy. As if a bulldozer is dislodging everything beneath us, moving much out from under our feet, and leaving us energetically homeless with nowhere yet to go. This pattern will continue on through December. December 12 will be a pivotal day for an opportunity for another alignment to higher ways of living and being, and then the solstice will support us in going deep and excavating even more. All this is preparation for January, when we will fully arrive in our new and higher vibrating homes.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up where I am these days. One moment I am so thrilled with my life I can hardly stay in my body. The next I am thinking, “what the hell” (I seem to think that a lot these days) and why on earth do I feel like I’m in a freaking blender?

This blender feeling is not only affecting me, but most of the people in my close circle. There are comings and goings with people. Money issues. Family and relationship issues. People who have had thriving businesses in the past are suddenly without clients or sales.

I have had more than one person in my circle confirm to me that it is “the funky energy of the ending year” or that “Mercury is in retrograde” or “my underwear is in a knot”. Yeah, whatever the reason, I’m not the only one who is feeling it.

I have also had it confirmed that come January 2008 big, big shifts for the better are coming.

I’m pretty much all for that.  So, I’ll be in Hawaii regardless of retrograding energy or anything else.  Upon my return I will celebrate the new year and bid a hearty farewell to the old.

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  1. glo

    So, yeah. The Universe and I. So not bonding today. Really. Consider him disinvited until he gets his Mercury out of his….

    Well, have a good trip to Hawaii. Sounds heavenly.

  2. I am in that blender too, on the ice crushing speed.
    Hawaii…sounds heavenly. It will be a great time, I am sure.

  3. it is “the funky energy of the ending year” or that “Mercury is in retrograde” or “my underwear is in a knot”

    I’m going to amuse myself today to think on how many other ways there are to say that. Because I’m feeling it too. I’m either incredibly giddy or incredibly annoyed–both over completely random and minor nothingness. And I have become a great escape artist when it comes to avoiding things that I really need to deal with. Spinning out of control here…

    Ah Hawaii. Makes me feel better just to say it out loud.

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