A study in contrasts

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I was speaking with my sister yesterday on my way home from a planning session with the Woo Girls.  My sister and I were laughing about the fact that I am reading the same books she read ten years ago.  I wasn’t ready then to “hear” their messages about feminism and the very subtle ways in which women are marginalized.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the last time a cleaning product commercial featured a man doing the cleaning.

I had just finished a five-hour planning session for the Goddess Workshop we are holding in Moab later in February.  We all sat around Jan’s table and went through the outline, discussed processes, and then we listened to the meditation tapes that we were going to use. As we sat silently waiting for the CD to begin, in the other room the TV blared some basketball game.  There were whistles blowing, people yelling, and the sound of loud voices.

I was struck by the contrast.

Not that a basketball game is intrinsically wrong. Not at all.  It was just the contrast between the game and the sacred chant of the sound “ma”. (“MA” – Pronounced “mah”. This is the feminine chant corresponding to the male “Aum” chant. It is also used for grounding and meditation, as well as a connection to the Goddess. This is also used in Yogic meditation as a more gentle breath control mechanism.)

I guess that is where I am right now… really noticing the contrasts.  Not judging, just noticing.  It is a wonderful place to be.

On another note: President Hinckley passed away yesterday.  He led the LDS church for well over a decade, as he was really in charge during most of President Benson’s and President Hunter’s tenures.  He was a kind and loving man, who move the Church forward in so many ways.  I really can’t grieve his passing, because I do believe in an afterlife.  And I believe he has been reunited with those he loves.  So, I just want to honor him for the influence he had on my life.

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  1. I heard of his passing this morning on CNN — thought of you and wondered if you would post about it.

  2. yes i thought of lianne too when i heard…funny us! ;)

    funny i’m seeing a lot of contrast these days too!
    woo woo youuuuu!

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