Weird Week After Weird Shift

Sep 30, 2005 by

It’s been a weird week at work.

There has been a “reorganization” and I’m not happy with my “new” position or title, but what is weird is that everyone except my boss gets it, including some of the other executives. I have been told to “bide my time” and “things will work out.”

What do you do when you work for someone who is very kind, a very good man, but is clueless. He is in charge of a department wherein he has no experience.

How does this happen? It is the Peter Principle in it’s perfection.

(Peter Principle: The original principle states that in a hierarchically structured administration, people tend to be promoted up to their “level of incompetence”)

I have a ton of work to do on a specific major project (read “new website”) and yet my boss keeps trying to get me to do his pet projects which are so far down the list they aren’t even visible.

But I did write them on my white board… so when he walks in he knows they are there.

However, because of all the weirdness with the shift (oh hell, if this is what weird shift meant I am really cranky now!) I have spent most of my week undoing the politics and not getting my work done.

I hate weeks like that.

So, it’s Friday. I’m in jeans. I’m listening to Brahms. I’m eating pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I’m working on the website.

I will survive!

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