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I know everyone thinks it is JLo’s twins’ birthday, but it was mine first. Well, actually it was George Washington’s first, but let’s not quibble.

People are wishing me well this morning and asking, “Are you doing anything fun for your birthday?”

The answer is, “Yes and no.”

Today I don’t have anything major planned. Frankly dinner with my kids and an early crawl into bed suits me just fine. Tomorrow evening Julia’s having a birthday party, and guess what? She’s invited all my friends too! But it is absolutely her day.

My birthday party will be with my five closest friends and that will happen next Friday. And guess what? I’m going to do a crone ceremony! So this coming week, I will be meditating upon my new crone name. I can only imagine what I’d hear from you, dear friendternets, if I asked you for suggestions! (Go ahead, suggest away!)

I have received my favorite of all gifts… books from family and friends. I’ve always been one who loves to give and receive books as gifts. What could be more personal than to give something that you have loved?

Another thing I love about my birthday coming around is that it signals the imminent return of Spring. In about 4 weeks the crocuses will begin to appear, and hope will flourish. Of course, it is snowing today and will be most of the weekend.

I have two people at my house with the flu, so I am taking extra precautions to remain healthy. I am supplementing with goooooood stuff, sleeping, eating well, and drinking water. Yes, it has been 3 weeks since giving up Diet Coke! and I am averaging about 100 oz. of water a day. I am healthy!

And so another year begins. I hold in my intention that when I look back I will say, “This was the best year.” And so it is.

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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! :)

  2. happy bday sweet lady…may all your wishes come true!

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