Weekend in Review

Mar 24, 2008 by

  1. Ate Easter dinner on the patio. Yes, we were in sweaters, but the sun was out.
  2. Above mentioned meal cooked entirely by John, aka Chef Boy.
  3. I was napping while he made it.
  4. Saturday trip to the D.I. Got me some $4 black gaucho pants. Bonus.
  5. Had frank discussion about sex with roomie and daughter. Right on.
  6. Laughed when Kjarsti and Destiny “laid out” in the sun yesterday in their bikinis. It was 65°, folks.
  7. Enjoyed knowing John is being obsessive about our yard this year.
  8. Decided that I like Kate Beckinsale’s Emma better than Gwyneth‘s.
  9. Linked MP3′s to my blog (see previous post)
  10. Well rested and ready to begin my week.

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  1. Having someone else cook sounds divine.

    I can take or leave Emma, but does Beckinsale’s Emma’s Mr. Knightly hold a candle to Jeremy Northam? Because for me Emma is all about Mr. Knightly.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m so glad I found yours. I simply love your banner with the jonquils. It’s just beautiful.

  3. dont get too attached Moanna…she changes banners like she changes underware…:)

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