As if the last post wasn’t personal enough…

Mar 28, 2008 by

I know, I know. I can hear you all in my head. “For the love of all that’s holy, get that post about men off that blog!” What was I thinking? I’m sure the 2/3 of my ex-husbands who read my blog found it delightful to be front and center as well.

So, enough about me.

Let me tell you something about me.

I did something very brave and foolish last night.

Do I have your attention yet?

Well, don’t get that excited, it wasn’t that great. I wrote a piece of fanfiction and submitted it to be read by people. Lots of other people.

It was a silly thing, really. They had a challenge. Use 10 words in a story.

I like challenges.

And I like words. These were the challenge words: dromedary, salt-water taffy, shim, taproot, defense mechanism, limbo, haggis, mediate, javelin, and jinx.

So, I wrote it. And illustrated it.

If you want to read it, you can here. But, I warn you, it ain’t great fiction. It is silly.

After you read it you may want me to put the man-post up again.

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  1. Judith W

    2/3′s husbands?? ah, I am only slightly behind you – with two.


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