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I had forgotten how much I loved this movie. I had one of those delightful happenstances when I caught it on HBO on Friday night. However, this time I saw it through different eyes.

This is a most marvelous movie about manifestation! Dear Lottie, who begins the movie as a bumbling “foot in the mouth” creature, shifts into the clairvoyant one who just “sees” people together. I totally saw how her practice of envisioning made the entire movie come together. That and Italy, of course.

The movie touched me this time in a way it hadn’t before. I always come away with a longing to be in Italy for a month, but this time it was more. I want to find the magic of change that came to all those people. Their hearts were all healed while visiting the Villa San Salvatore, relationships were formed and transformed, and people came back to themselves. I do love this movie.

I must be in some kind of “British People Go to Italy” mode, because the weekend before this I watched “A Room with a View.”  I loved it, but loved it in a different way.  That movie is more about admitting to the passion in your life, rather than conforming to the conventions of society.  Which is a lot like what my sidebar message says about not Worshiping the God of What will People Think.

But do we have to go to Italy to be transformed?  I doubt it.  I think Italy is just a metaphor for coming to a place in our lives and awakening.  That awakening can happen at any time and in any place… we just have to desire it.  Of course, the rub it, many of us are asleep and do not even know it.  I believe each of us in our own way is led to a time and place when we can choose to awaken.  But it is our choice.

This weekend my home was magic. We celebrated Wendy’s birthday and my home was filled with food, music, laughter, and magic. Once again I found myself sitting back and marveling at the amazing beauty of my life. I am so richly blessed. Yesterday we attended a baby shower for another friend, and I got to watch a room filled with people just loving one another, and celebrating a new life coming to the planet.

Life is sweet right now.

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  1. you dont HAVE to go to Italy to be transformed…but it helps :) , I know.

    I will see this movie.

  2. OH WOW, you know what??? I had my hands on this VHS tape just the other day!!! I have this movie and haven’t watched in ….well, 5 years ?!?!? And I said to my house – mate, “hey have you seen this?” and she said she saw it when it came out and we made a date to watch it this week! how cooooool is that? I think that’s prettyyyyyyyy cool! i usually get something a little different from a movie later on too….I’m looking forward to watching it again!

    ooooo it sounds like you have such a warm, cozy home life with your kids, friends, etc. i wish i could go on my road trip and come hang out with you guys! sounds like tons of happiness and fun to me….

    and SNOW? wow, yeah we had some “flakes” the other day! hilarious, but as long as the sky is blue and the sun shining…i can maybe take a little snow….hhhhhmmm.

    we’ll have to see ! Either way: SEE YOU THIS YEAR!!! right? you’re coming out my way?!?!?! yeah!

    HUGS! xoxoxoo

  3. Lianne

    Michelle – I think you need to plan a road trip and see us in the Fun House!

  4. I loved the book, but haven’t seen the movie. I’ll have to rent it one of these weekends. Anyway–I love this post. You are probably right about not having to go to Italy, but there is something to be said for stepping away from your usual space and routine and taking a good clear look at yourself.

    I’m happy you’re in a sweet spot!

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