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May 19, 2008 by


Puppies. Chocolate lab puppies to be exact. 12 of them. 6 male, 6 female. Jumping, chewing, whining, running, bumbling puppies.

Robbie had a hankering for another dog. He lives in Wyoming on a ranch, so there is plenty of room. So he called me yesterday. “Mom, find me a chocolate lab.” So I did. Julia and I drove over to the house to give the lady a deposit. And she let us play with them.

The family has two lab bitches, one who had the litter of 12, and one who gave birth yesterday morning to 8 puppies. 5 chocolate and 3 black. I have never seen puppies that young and they were so cute.

But the 12 5 week old mass of fur was the best. They were all so excited to see us and to play with us and each other. They bounded around the room, tugged on one another’s tails, and chewed on our shoes. How on earth could you ever choose?


So, Robbie’s get a male next weekend. He’s going to name him “Skip” which is a much better alternative to “Phillip” which was his first choice. Somehow a rolly poly puppy named Phillip didn’t fit. I also had to educate him about the difference between big dogs and little dogs. Jane mellowed out at 5 months old. This puppy will take a good 18-24 months before he is even in his body the whole way. Big dogs take patience. But like I said, Wyoming is a big place. If he gets too obnoxious he can go sleep with the chickens.

Oh, and the dogs are the size of Jane right now. In about 5 minutes this baby boy will tower over her.

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  1. Carolyn

    18-24 months is wishful thinking. For labs? 3 years minimum.

    Be sure he has plenty of Ceasar Milan DVDs!

    -Percy’s Mom

  2. Oh sweet jesus. PUPPY BREATH! Nothing is sweeter.

  3. Awwwww! And labs are my favorites.

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