Wherein I discuss fire alarms, fire trucks, and helplessness

Jul 21, 2008 by

Picture this: it is 6:30 a.m. on a beautiful Los Angeles morning.  My phone rings.  Several times.  It is Kjarsti.  Finally we connect.  “Mom, all the fire alarms in the house are going off!  What do we do?”

I tell her to go outside and I’ll call her back after I pee.  They didn’t smell smoke, so I figured it wasn’t an emergency.

During the next phone call I can hear the sirens in the background.  John has correctly called the fire department and they are now screaming through the streets of Orem, UT to my house.

Good news: no fire, no CO.  Just a spider web in the main landing alarm which set it off, which then set all the alarms off in the house.

Bad news: I was helpless to do anything except send calming protecting energy.  However, as my sister pointed out, it was a good exercise for the kids to handle a sitution like that without Mom.

My heart rate is just now reaching normal.

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  1. missing you…love, me

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