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Jul 18, 2010 by

Man, I got my butt kicked last night.  And not by anyone but myself.

My sister has been teaching me about Buddhist meditation.  You know, sit on a cushion, breathe, clear your mind, breathe, quiet your mind.

Yeah, my mind is quite the opposite of “quiet”.

In fact, I purposely took note of the the majority of the thoughts that go through my mind.  I discovered something quite frightening.  Many of my thoughts are judgments and assumptions about others, and also criticisms of others.  WOW! For someone who is purported to be a “lightworker”, that was some pretty amazing revelations.

So, I am tuning into my thoughts, becoming more conscious of what is going on in there.  HELLO!  Would the voices in my head just simmer down for a second!

Part of the journey, in fact, most of the journey is just to become conscious of what you are thinking.  I know it will shift things for me (it already has), and as I practice mindfulness and meditation, I know my skills will improve.  But improvement isn’t really the point.  It is the practice.

(Already the critical voice in my head told me that I have to “get good” at it.  Sheesh, shut up already!)

So today, just for moments, listen in to your head. Take note of what is going on in there.  I am sure you’ll be amazed!

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