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Jul 17, 2010 by

By nature I am not a terrifically patient person.  I like the tidy, the sewn up, the complete.  Waiting for resolution on ANYthing makes me a little nuts.  I learned long ago NEVER to pray for patience, because somehow patience comes up and slaps you right across the face.  Yeah, I have learned that little lesson.

So lately I’ve had to sit in the space of “no resolution” and “no closure” on a few things.  In stead of making myself crazier by the waiting, I decided to approach it from a different perspective.  I would feel it, breathe into it, and release it.  Let the feelings of “incomplete” flow over me and notice how I felt.

Guess what? I survived, and I grew, and I got into a good space.

But yesterday my team of very noisy angels gave me the “go ahead” to start the process of resolution on one of the unresolved situations I had.  They knew that the time was ripe, and that closure would come, and in a very good way.

And it did.  Is it completely finished?  Likely not, but I feel a grounded peace because some major things shifted between me and another person.  In fact, it has been a week of resolutions, and not in the “New Year’s” kind of way, but really resolving some deep things within myself.

Last night I was pondering the event of the week and I have to admit.  I was just a teensy bit proud of myself for the way I handled some things.  It is a great feeling to look back on some of the wreckage I’d created, and see that it was finally beginning to heal.

And my angels, bless their little crazy hearts, brought the message home to me about timing.  It’s a small thing, but then angels often use small things to teach us.  I had just said out loud to myself something about “perfect timing”, when I stood to go check my laundry (I told you it was a small thing), and just then the drier buzzer sounded.  I could hear the angels giggling next to me, because they thought they were so clever.  (And they are).

Yes, if we listen and wait, divine timing can create miracles in our lives.  And not just for the little things.

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