Learning the Tarot

Jul 18, 2010 by

I have to confess, I am very new to the Tarot.  It is complicated, intriguing, and the cards just speak to me.  Yes, I still have to look them up (and I find that checking several references gives deeper meaning) and I still have ponder what the heck it all means.

But they speak to me.

Last night I did a reading for myself, and I was amazed at the power of the cards and how the reading just flowed.

Saturday, I did a reading for my dear friend.  Again, simply beautiful.

I believe the cards are telling me to relax, enjoy, and that the information will flow.  There is no rule that you have to have them all memorized before you use them.  There is no rule that you have to be “taught” how to use the tarot.  No, the cards are calling to me, and I have picked them up with love.

Those who believe that the Tarot is dark magic are uninformed.  Those who believe it is fortune telling are approaching it all wrong.

They were merely archetypal sign posts which, when discerned intuitively, can help you tread a little more carefully, or with a lot more hope.  And no one believes that hope is misplaced.

So, for the next month or so, I would like to offer up FREE Tarot card readings to help me practice.  If you would like me to do a reading for you, please comment.  I will then email you and we can work together.

Don’t you just love FREE?

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