Getting Ready to Recover

Aug 15, 2010 by

I’ve been really, really busy for the last month. My older daughter got married, and I had a huge list of projects for work in order to prepare for an event.  Consequently, I haven’t given much time or energy to this blog.

Tomorrow morning I go into hospital to have a hysterectomy with some lovely (and much anticipated) bladder repair.  I was in the exact hospital four months ago for hip replacement surgery. My recovery was great, except for the anxiety I experienced during my time at home.  It was really quite horrible.  But I made it through.

I am in a MUCH better place than I was 4 months ago.  So much has shifted for me, it is really wonderful.  I look forward to the recovery time as I have prepared my room and I have tools and skills to help me with the anxiety (should it reappear).

I have had many friends promise to do this and that for me.  It will be interesting to see who actually comes through…  With the hip surgery I really saw who my real friends were.  :)  There is nothing like a friend who will clean your closet, deal with your OCD behaviors, and sit with you while you have a breakdown.  Blessings to them.

My BFF Linda will take me to the hospital tomorrow… at 5:45 a.m.  Bless her for her sacrifice.  She promises to stay with me and be my advocate.  She’s like that.  This won’t be the first hospital trip with me.  She is a calming and loving soul, and her healing influence keeps me grounded and safe.  My other BFF Janny will also come down and minister to me.  She is also one who knows what I need and when.  She knows that I like my head touched, and that holding my hand when I’m anxious can bring me to a better place.

Sometimes we underestimate the power of our presence.  For many people just “being” there for them, without any “doing” at all, is enough.  I am so grateful for those who have served me in the past, and who continue to support me now.

I am blessed with the ability to make nurses and doctors laugh and smile.  I know that theirs is a heavy load, and if my humor or smile can lighten it for them, then I will do that.  I also know that even though I may be hurting or uncomfortable, there are many others who are suffering far more than I.

So, if I’m not around for a few days, just know that Madame Morphine and I are good friends, and that I am doing my work to recover.

In advance I thank you for your prayers, your energy, and the love you send.  I can feel it and I know you are with me.

Everyone go out and have a GREAT WEEK!  We are all one so I know that your strength and your love and your energy will help me more than I could possibly express.

Although if someone would come mow my lawn, I’d be über grateful.  :)

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