Homeopathy, I am doing it!

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(I guess you’d have to be LDS to get the joke in the title… suffice it to say it is a song about genealogy)

So, let’s go back about 18 years.  I am the mother of three young children and I am anxious, depressed, freaking out about life.  There was a horrible inversion that winter, and I felt like I’d never see blue sky again… literally and figuratively.

And then my dearest Kate suggested that I might need a remedy.  I was fascinated.  Never one to turn down a new “thing”, I heartily agreed.

I will never forget the interview.  (Being interviewed by someone who has known you since you were 13 was very comfortable, but then, Kate is really comfortable).

Kate: “Are you hot or cold?”

Kate: “Do you prefer salty or sweet food?”

Kate: “What kinds of dreams are you having?”

Yeah, it was at the very least the most unusual interview.

And then she discovered my “remedy” and sent it to me.  Bryonia.

The morning after I took it, I remember waking up and feeling as if the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders.  I was indeed a new woman.  The anxiety, depression… gone.  Poof!

Now, just so I’m clear… Kate is a classically trained homeopath.  She doesn’t combine remedies. She finds “the one” that is right for you in the moment.

It changed my life.

Last spring, after my hip surgery, I had a complete and total meltdown.  So I called Kate.

Again, I took the remedy… new woman.

Tonight I will redose with that same remedy.  Tomorrow I’ll be a new woman.

If any of you would like a consultation with her, let me know.  She’s in Los Angeles, but does phone consultations.

And she is gifted.  Amazingly gifted.

And frankly, just knowing that someone like her has my back, well, I’m so very, very blessed.

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