Transition Time

Jan 15, 2011 by

Have you ever had the experience of feeling restless and peaceful at the same time?  It is an interesting mix of knowing that things are going to change, but being at peace with the whole thing.  That’s the way I feel most of the time.  Sure, sometimes the restlessness takes over and I get agitated and impatient.  However, when I’m being in the present, I can balance the two.

In the limited amount of reading I’ve done about Buddhism (I’m still a baby in that arena), there is great emphasis on the impermanence of everything.  Nothing lasts forever… not relationships, not jobs, not homes, not health, nothing.  We learn to live with the impermanence of everything by living in the moment and not “grasping” on to things we have or things we want.

Well, I’m not a big lover of change.  I tend to hang on to people, jobs, and things long past their “expiration date”.  But I’m taking a look at things in my life that need to change.

It is always scary to step out of what is comfortable and “normal”.  The risk-gene is very small in my DNA chain.  I know that when I do take that step into the unknown I am always met by people who love and support me, and I eventually get my feet under me and find that it was a great move.

Something is coming… change is afoot.

Now if I can just move out of the fetal position to greet it, we’ll be good to go.

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