A Clearing Ceremony

Jun 11, 2011 by

I have been under some pretty serious psychic attack, and after speaking with my mentor, Shantel Johnson, I knew I had to address it.  When she read me last night she told me there was some very heavy, dark energy attached to my feet and ankles, and she gave me some suggestions on how to clear it.

I will detail what I did to prepare the the ceremony, and what I did during the ceremony.

Last night after I had been told about this energy, I felt horrible.  All my fears, paranoia, and anxiety seemed to boil over and I felt frozen.  I felt like no matter what I did, I would not have faith sufficient to clear this, and all I wanted to do was give up.  However, after talking with my bestie, Jan, I was given love and support and I pressed forward.

I began last night by renewing my Salt Cure.  This is a feng shui cure that absorbs negative energy.  It is simple to make, but I hadn’t gotten around to changing mine for months (likely contributing to my inability to clear on my own).

Salt Cure (This is how I was taught, I am sure there are thousands of traditions explaining how to do it differently):

In a glass container that you will feel comfortable throwing away, place the following:

Salt (about 1-2 cups)

Fill with fresh water

Add three penneys

Add a piece of silver

Place this in an open part of your room (not a closet or a cupboard) and let it do its things.

Shantel also asked me to do a Blue Water Cure.  I had not heard of this before and it may seem über woo, but hey, why not.

Blue Water Cure

In a glass container (you won’t throw this out) add:


Blue soap (such as Dawn) – add enough so the water is blue.

She told me to place this somewhere in the center of my house, as it would also absorb negative energy and “assist with physical healing”.

After I had these two cures in place, I also burned some incense specifically for clearing energy.

When I went to be last night I called in the two Ascended Masters I was asked to work with: Oberon and Kali.  I have never worked with Oberon before, but Shantel explained that he would be the one escorting this energy/entity to “The Queen of the Winter Key” (I am not entirely sure that is correct, but since I wasn’t the one who had to find this queen, I figured Oberon would have it handled).  Kali, on the other hand, I am very familiar with.  She is an Indian Goddess and she is a mover and a shaker.  If you ask her to do something, you have to be very specific, because she tends to get things done in a big and sometimes destructive manner.

So as I prayed last night I called in Oberon and Kali to prepare and protect my home, my family, and to prepare me for this ceremony of clearing.  In essence, I asked them to “prime the pump” on the ceremony.

This morning I did some final preparation for the ceremony.  I smudged the entire house with white sage (including closets).  I then did the following to prepare the space for the ceremony:

  • Lit three candles and placed on my altar
  • Made sure there was nothing on the altar that didn’t belong there  (you know what I mean!)
  • Placed my meditation chair facing the altar (to the west)
  • Made a semi-circle of amethyst stones around the chair leading on each side to the altar.
  • I emptied 4 pounds of kosher salt into a container large enough for both my feet to fit.  I used a giant soup pan, but you could use anything.
  • I placed my selenite wand at the head of the container and put a clear quartz crystal on one side and a smokey quartz crystal on the other.
  • I also put a piece of citrine and angel wing anhydrite  on either side of the salt container.
  • I placed my black kyanite under my chair to absorb negative energy
  • I anointed myself with Frankincense oil
  • I blessed and then drank water made from Solar Water and sacred water from Lourdes

When everything was in place, I turned on my meditation track of singing bowls, and my Insight Timer app for 30 minutes.

I stood facing the altar, and called in Oberon and Kali, along with Archangel Michael, my team of angels, my mother, my grandparents, and any other being of light who wanted to assist.  I began with prayer stating my intention of clearing every bit of dark energy attached to me and to clear all karmic connections with those who would do me harm.

I sat in the chair and placed both feet in the salt, covering them up to my ankles.  (I wish I’d had another two pounds of salt, but oh well).

As I sat in the chair I quieted my mind by focusing on my breath (I breathe in light, I breathe out darkness).

I then asked Oberon to escort the dark energy to the Queen of Whatever.  As I thought about him, for the first time I truly connected with the fairy realm.  That was interesting!

I then asked Kali to sever all Karmic connections, but I was specific as to which she should leave and which she should cut.  I didn’t want connections to my family and friends severed, only to those people who perhaps do not have my best interest in mind.  I went though a whole list of people in my head, going waaaay back in my past.  I asked that the connections be severed and all dark energy and cords removed, and filled with light.

I sat with my feet in the salt for 30 minutes, continuing to meditate and pray.

When I was complete, I removed the salt from my home (I am not sure if the negativity will drain out or if I need to replace it, I will see) and picked up all the crystals and put them away.

I then smudged my room and my body again.

Then I showered.

It is done. It is done. It is done.




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  1. Donna

    Wow, this clearing ceremony seems very involved and time consuming. I merely take a shower and think about the negative energy running off me. It is is all in your intention.

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