Like a Kid in a Toy Store

Dec 15, 2011 by

I am in a period of transition.  Two weeks ago I was laid off by the company who had employed me for 6 years.  It was a bittersweet moment.  I had been unhappy for some time, and they had been struggling for some time, so something had to give.  I am not angry, resentful, or upset by this move.  I know it was perfect.

As I mentioned earlier, I completed a clearing and releasing ceremony around that job and the people with whom I worked, and I feel like I have closed that door in a very good way.  All I want to do is to send them all love and light.  It is finished.

But here I am, unemployed.  It’s been a long time since I had this much time on my hands and my body is reacting in an unusual way.  All I want to do is sleep.

Yesterday afternoon, as I finally gave in to all those drowsy feelings I heard my angelic team whisper this: “Don’t feel guilty for sleeping.  This is important now.  Big things are coming after the first of the year, and you have to be ready.  You are healing from the years of stress and carrying the energy for (the company) and now you have to renew yourself.  As you sleep, we are removing anything that doesn’t serve you.  Sleep is good for you right now.”

So I slept.

The question I don’t walk around asking is “what is next?”  I know that will answer itself when the time is right, and asking it over and over may produce anxiety and stress.

Because right now I need to discover what I want, and for some reason, I’m having a hard time narrowing it down.  I feel a little like a child let loose in a toy store and told to “pick your favorite one”.  Well, that’s going to take some time.  I don’t want to pick anything but the very best for me.

Several things have materialized in the last few weeks.  I have lots of people asking for websites.  I enjoy creating websites, and I can usually get one up and functional in a short amount of time.  My clients are happy.

I was offered the opportunity to take a marketing course online.  This is teaching me all kinds of new ways to think about marketing, and more particularly how I can market something that I love to do.  However, I’m still wandering around that toy store trying to pick my favorite thing.

I have a close friend who wants to explore an online business together.  I know that with the things I’m learning from this course, and my past experience, we will be able to build a very good business online.  But what is it that we are going to sell?

I am also considering focusing on building my “woo” business… doing more coaching and readings.  I am not entirely sure how that is going to materialize, but it is one of the toys I am examining.

So, this is a time of renewal, rest, and refocusing.  I am grateful for this time.  I intend to make it fun and profitable!


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