A Moment I Live For

Jan 5, 2012 by

I was sitting in my sister’s recliner tonight and had a wonderful moment.  I sat in her chair with both dogs snuggled on top of me, I realized I was having one of the moments I live for.

The moments I live for are those simple snippets of life that somehow expand your heart and your soul.  Sharing a great, deep laugh with your child.  Remembering a shared memory of your childhood with your sister. Smelling the sea, or pine trees, or crackling fire.  Hearing beautiful music that ripples your soul with delight.  Puppies, babies, flowers.  Friends who share tears and secrets. Darkness so black you cannot see your own hands.  Rain so hard you can’t hear yourself think.

I guess if I was Julie Andrews I’d say “these are a few of my favorite things”, but they aren’t really things.  They are sacred moments of wonder when I stop, breathless, and thank God and the Universe for this moment and for my life.

Tonight, home alone with the puppies, I was listening to Durufle’s Requiem.  It is one of my absolute most favorite pieces.  It indeed ripples my soul with delight and many other emotions.  I listened and absorbed all the feelings it brings to me.

I sat with my eyes closed, and moved into being mindful of my physical surroundings.  I could feel the weight of the dogs on my lap, the heating pad on my back, and the dog’s tongue licking my hand.  I breathed it in.

Then I moved to mindfully identifying all the various sounds I could hear.  There was the music, the hum of my computer, the sound of the dog licking me… and then there was in the distance the Queen Mary’s horn blowing on the hour.  I breathed it in.

I allowed my mind to just rest in the moment. The dogs. The music. The peacefulness.

I was completely moved by the moment.  My heart swelled, my soul expanded, and somewhere in those sweet moments I realized that I was living the exact life I’ve always wanted. I was happy.  I was peaceful.  I wanted for nothing.  I had no worry or anxiety.  I was filled with love and joy.

I said in my mind, “I could die now and die very happy.”  Of course, I don’t want to die.  I want more and more of these gifts of time.  I want moments with my children and yet-to-be-born grandchildren.  I want more silliness  with my sisters.  I want more mischief with my friends. I want more of living exactly the life I want.

And yet… I could have died happy and been completely at peace.

It was a moment that I lived for, and because I was mindful, I didn’t miss it.  In fact, I sank into it, well at least until I had the idea for this post.  Then of course I had to write the article over and over in my head.  And then the moment was gone… or at least shifted into some new amazing space of time that I’ve been blessed to enjoy.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you to God and the Universe for all these moments I live for.

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