The bloat has begun

Nov 24, 2005 by

Every year I find it ironic that a meal that takes 6 hours to prepare and cook is consumed in 25 minutes and the feasters are immediatly in some kind of food coma.

This year the pie wasn’t even touched for three hours, so I congratulate myself on a job well done.

Then… we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Has anyone ever wondered if Roald Dahl was an acid freak? That is one weird-ass movie.. and book. Ah, now I get it… he was Norwegian born in Wales. Naturally life would appear a bit freaky. The thing that frightened me most about that movie was how much Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Willie Wonka reminded me of Michael Jackson. Coincedence? I think not! (In searching for these images, in the Google Image search for Michael Jackson, I found the image of Willie Wonka. Obviously my feelings were expereinced by others)

I also neglected to mention that the boys and I went to see Harry the other night. I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! I know, I know.. it isn’t “exactly” like the book, but I thought it was marvelous. I loved the humor, the effects, I loved the whole thing. And who knew Cedric was so HOT! (Whoa.. I’m almost 50 here.. I think that is a tad weird that I react that way.. but oh well)

This is one I want to see again and again.

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  1. I thought the same thing about Wonka looking like Michael. I wonder what the director was driving at, if this is actually the case? The similarities are unmistakeable:

    Pale faces? Check.
    Mezzo-soprano voices? Check.
    Hidden wonderlands? Check.
    Hidden wonderlands wherein only invited children can come? Check.

    I guess the major difference is that in the end, Wonka really doesn’t care much for kids, though, while Jackson used to freely spend time scampering with them throughout his “Neverland.”

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