Back in the Islands

Mar 7, 2012 by

Dad's House, Paradise Park, HI

Dad's House, Paradise Park, HI

I am not new to Hawaii.  I lived with my Dad on the Big Island for a year, and have been back to visit multiple times.  I love coming back to Hawaii because I can get into a very deep state of relaxation and therefore receive a lot of information that I might normally miss.

Even getting on the airplane yesterday… I was in my seat and before we really took off I was almost asleep (and NO, it wasn’t the Bloody Mary, my traveling beverage of tradition, that did it).  Not unlike Pavlov’s dogs, I respond to the words “Now Boarding Delta Flight to Honolulu” with a full body relaxation.

A lot of things came to me on the 6 hour flight… not the least of which is that this blog, this website needs some TLC.  I always feel under such pressure to be “deep” or “healing” when I write on here, and the word came through loud and clear that I am to return to my bloggy roots and not only write about “Woo” but the “daily” stuff too.

I really believe one of the purposes I have on this planet is to give other people permission to be themselves.

I know I can make people laugh.  I know I can write things that inspire.  I know I can pray for others and send good energy.

And it’s about damn time I stepped up the game.

So, buckle your seat belts, folks.  It’s about to get real in here.

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  1. Ahhhhh! I can’t wait! You always inspire me to do better…I just need to START!
    Deep cleansing breath! xo

  2. Yeah! You got a follower!

  3. Glad you’re back. Nice looking page ya got here too!

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