Social Niceties

Nov 29, 2005 by

I went to lunch with my new bosses today. These are men who are easy to be around, have little pretense of machismo, and are just great people.

We ran into my former boss, who was also a former colleague of my current bosses.

I smiled, I gave hugs, I did the general kiss-kiss, nice-nice. In reality I felt absolutely no animosity towards him, as he truly did me a huge favor.

But I also realized, again, that the four years I worked at the other place never once was I invited to lunch with my bosses. I was an “underling” and perhaps even more scorned, a “woman”.

I just love being around normal people… it makes my life so much easier.

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  1. Glo

    I’m so, so glad that you have this new job! It just makes me happy.

    And no worries about BMW “issue”. It’s the car’s fault. Stupid, unreal idea of passengers. You, m’dear, are absolutely wonderful!

  2. I wish I could work around “normal” people. My co-workers are all a bunch of losers.

    What does that make me?

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