Finding Fonts

Nov 30, 2005 by

I was on a quest today for free fonts. It’s something I do every now and then. I was chuckling at the names of some of these fonts:

Little Lord Font LeRoy
Experiencing a Catheter
Dumbledore’s Revenge

You can’t imagine how many Star Trek and Star Wars names. I guess Font designers are all geeks of an artistic nature.

I think I will design a font someday and call it “Mixed Vegetables” or “Poopy Diaper”. Then no one will think I am a geek… they will just think I am a housewife with too much time on her hands.

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  1. “Experiencing a Catheter” what would that font look like exactly? Would it be a yellow font with a blood red shadow? Or perhaps a light rusty-pumpkin translucent tube like design? Font number two didn’t seem to “tight fit” to me! Ouch! But VERY FUNNY names for not so look alike fonts.

  2. Glo

    I love those names. Will search for Dumbledore’s Reveng immediately.

    Ha, ha. I’m all about the puns today. BTW – I liked the vegetable-looking one a lot, lot.

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