Clever Step Offspring

Jan 27, 2006 by

My oldest daughter is my step-daughter Jen. She is also the mom to my two step-grand-children… which, let’s face it, I consider to be my grandchildren in a kind of weird way. Well, Jen and I are great conversationalists over IM, and now I have found that she has followed in my footsteps and started a blog.

(Editor’s note: In reality it was Jen who got me started on blogging. She started a blog of pictures of the grandkids and I thought, “hmmmm, I wanna do that!” So officially, she is not following in my footsteps.)

Well, her blog is delightful. I mean the girl is hilarious and deep and wonderful and has two amazing children (and her hubby is amazing too but he doesn’t make an appearance on the blog too often). So, for those of you who would enjoy another great read, check out “Tripping over Cobblestone.”

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  1. Glo

    Will do. I need to get back on the blog-reading bandwagon. No time to start like the present :)

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