You gotta laugh…

Jan 30, 2006 by

So Skip attended church for the first time in years… and it was by far the WORST Sacrament meeting every. Well, at the least the most boring. The talks were presented well, it was just the topic (The 10th Article of Faith: the literal gathering of Israel) that put us all in snores-ville.

However, Skip seemed ready to commit to coming next week, which is Stake Conference.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh….

We attended an excellent AA meeting last night. Alan told his story of journeying back to sobriety, and he was very good. Just the right amount of humor from a very serious topic. Rob enjoyed the meeting, and so did I.

He is now on Day 8 of Sobriety. Let’s hear it for the boy!

And tomorrow evening will be the unveiling of the new blog look for reasons which will become obvious tomorrow.

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