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This was sent to me via 50 emails from my sister today: (I have thrown in my 2 cents here and there)

When you were…

One… you slept with Playa (our labrador/weimeraner) in your bed.

Two… you got a little sister.

Three… You learned to “play” the piano

Four… You wore hats well

Five… you drew on the closet walls in chalk(which was fine, as they were giant chalkboards)

Six… You read about Christopher Robin in “When I was Six”

Seven… you moved to Belgium

Eight… you ate chocloate sandwiches (in Belgium)

Nine… you adjusted to the slower pace of American schools

Ten… You sneaked up to the attic to smell the chocoloate lingering in ourBelgian school bags

Eleven… you were learning C major scales on the flute

Twelve… You had Mrs. Gruber

Thirteen… You played flute under Mr. Bright (And I met Kate for the first time)
and You were a card-carrying member of the Broad Squad (Long Story…)

Fourteen… You hung out with Blanche and Thad

Fifteen… You were first chair flute in the Samohi orchestra

Sixteen… You hung out with KT and was in love with a guy named Bones; You played hookey from Samohi and drank coffee at Sambos, and graduated from high school

Seventeen… You went to UCLA

Eighteen… Okay, you’d been at UCLA since you were 17… (I was introduced to the LDS church)

Nineteen… You joined the LDS Church and moved to Utah for the first time

Twenty… You suffered from bicentennial fever and Skating madness

Twenty-one… You went on a mission to Holland

Twenty-two… Still in Holland (eating Chocolate Sandwiches)

Twenty-three… Had a bad hair year

Twenty-four… I think that’s when you met or married the short guy

Twenty-five… You ate many mangos

Twenty-six… You worked for a giant copier company

Twenty-seven… You had your first child. (Ok, it was shy of my 28th birthday by two days…)

Twenty-eight… You lived in George Orwell’s world

Twenty-nine… Graduate school? What, are you nuts???

Thirty… You folded all of the underwear that Julia got for her first Christmas(and wore simultaneously) Pregnant again! This time you are HUGE!

Thirty-one… I watched your second child being born

Thirty-two… You were thinking that two might be just the right number of kids to have in diapers at the same time. Or not. (Holy Hannah, pregnant again???)

Thirty-three… You were two-thirds to today. (FYI: Annus Horibilus)

Thirty-four… You had your first white Christmas (if it snowed that year in December)

Thirty-five… You had a traumatic trip to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving (ice in Amarillo)

Thirty-six… Carolyn came to your house for Thanksgiving, which you liked much better. Miracle Baby born.

Thirty-seven… you were addicted to f r e s h Diet Cokes from Soda Fountains

Thirty-eight… you taught piano, which is a good trick considering you don’t know how to play.

Thirty-nine… you stopped getting older (yeah, right)

Forty!.. You drove a hideous Minivan (promise me: never again)

Forty-one… You powered through a mid-life crisis

Forty-two… You inherited the Trooper.

Forty-three..You survived with only one bathroom

Forty-four… You still survived with only one bathroom

Forty-five… You actually went camping! (but you took showers in my loft)

Forty-six… You got a new hip and a new honey

Forty-seven… You finally got it right.

Forty-eight… You went to Thailand and ate everything they threw at you (impressingeveryone greatly)

Forty-nine… You sent Julia on a mission

Fifty…. You tell me!

Thanks, Sis… a great retrospective of a very bizarre and blessed life!

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  1. Deb

    What a fun blog! I am sure there are great stories behind every year! (How’s the metabolism?)

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