Birthday Wishes from Daddy

Feb 23, 2006 by

Something aberrant occurs in your psyche
when your daughter turns 50.

You now realize that her longevity milestone represents
your on-going years into old age.

But that is the nature of one’s legacy
We leave for posterity our genes, our societal contributions
and our children…that’s it!

Oh, the joy in realizing that your offspring
turned out so well…
Caring, loving, intelligent and productive

So, count your blessings, Mr. B.
You’ve been given the gift of life projected
down through one and two (and soon) three generations.
I just wish your Mom could have been here
to celebrate with you.
But coincidences of life have a way
of dealing both high and low cards.
So, beautiful daughter of mine,
here’s my sage advice:
“The 2nd half is better. Enjoy!”

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  1. Deb

    That is probably the sweetest thing I have ever read. You are a lucky daughter to have such a GREAT Dad! (He’s a lucky Dad too, of course)

  2. Glo

    You’re family is awesome. That’s so sweet.

    And look for your birthday wishes from me in the mail….hope you enjoy!!

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