Can Birthdays Get Any Better?

Feb 27, 2006 by

I have to say that turning 50 has been the most fun I’ve had in years… and most likely the best birthday celebration ever.

Top 10 Reasons this has been a great birthday (in no particular order)

1. My Home Teachers sent my a huge bouquet of flowers
2. I was taken out to lunch FIVE times for my birthday, and two of them were to sushi restaurants.
3. I got a Nano from Daddy
4. I got a GREAT knitting book from Kate… and yarn for a project
5. I got super nifty lanyard headphones for my Nano
6. I was thrown a surprise party by the ladies in my ward
7. At above mentioned surprize party they did a song for me with choreography
8. I ate a lot of yummy food including a sumptious dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in San Diego
9. Oh, did I mention a trip to San Diego with my sister and Kate???
10. The beach, the food, the company…. and the dog.

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  1. Glo

    wow. Stellar! Fantastic times!

    Happy birthday, dear lianne. Your input, love and light are vital to this world. Thanks for sharing.

  2. YAY for celebrating birthdays!!! I am a putz for not saying this earlier, but
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks again for being such a sweetheart. Sure luv ya!

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