Images of San Diego Fun

Feb 27, 2006 by

The Three Amigas: Kate, Me, and Carolyn

The Cousins: Charles, Brynn, Whitney, Cassidy, and Tressa


Watching the Seals

Old Friends

Marge and Mable

Fun at La Jolla Tide Pools: Poking the Anenome

Bonding with Cactus

Getting in Trouble at the Yarn Store

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  1. Deb

    GREAT PICTURES!!! Proof you did have fun!!!! Welcome back to reality! hehehehe

  2. Glo

    oh man! Could you have any more fun?! What a fabulous adventure!

  3. San Diego is such a fabulous place. I can’t wait to go back cause it is SO calling my name! Glad you enjoyed.

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