Radio for Women?

Mar 22, 2006 by

There is a giant picture of Kurt Bestor and Rebecca Cressman on every public bus in Provo touting the new AM 820 Radio for Women.

For those of you who don’t know who Kurt Bestor is… well, he is a composer who is well known along the Wasatch Front as one who has given concerts and written music for the Olympics, etc. He is a popular figure with the 30-60 year old women… uh.. heart-throb.

So, yesterday I forgot my Nano at home, and I found 820 on my AM dial.

Sure enough, there was the familiar voice of Kurt Bestor and his congenial style. However, much to my surprise(and horror)he and his co-host were interviewing some woman who had affiliated herself with a female psychologist, and she was going on and on about the psychologist’s achievements. Get this: “She has 10 children, and they all sing and play, the older ones have all gone on missions.” (my ears perked up.. missions? Is this an LDS Radio Station?) She continued, “This woman is so amazing! Her house is always clean, and she never wears jeans.”

Never wears jeans? Is this some hallmark of a righteous life? What was I listening to?

So, today I tuned in again… for entertainment purposes only.

Kurt was interviewing an author… she had written a book entitled “Soul Searching.” Hmmmm, I thought. Something spiritual? Something introspective?

Nope. And LDS Romance. BLECH… SPIT… COUGH.

Hey… Kurt, man, I love you.. I laways have.. but honey, this is drivel! This is propagating the crap that keeps LDS women in their tiny little world.

I am going to write the station and voice my opinion. Maybe they will have me on the show to talk about my life’s experiences…


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  1. Glo

    What?! What?!……………………………….What?!




  2. Never heard of this guy. The image from the bus ad looks better than some of the photos from his site, where a couple remind me of a cross of Harry Connick, Jr and Jeff Goldblum (not that the mix is awful, just different than the bus ad). Anyway, he’d never make it here on the radio. And why didn’t he stand up for women who wear jeans? Sheesh. Sounds like years back when I homeschooled and some moms disapproved of us jeans-wearers. If you weren’t in a shapeless jumper-style dress over a blouse/shirt, you were to face eternal damnation. Well, I hope that radio station gets you on the show for a REAL interview!

  3. Kurt Bestor isn’t all that cool anyway. He played 2nd trumpet under my dad – Ha! Take that Bestor!

  4. Alright…Kurt Bestor is so cool, I got an autographed copy of one of his cd’s from his mom, who was my high school english teacher. And forget hearthrob for the 30-60….he’s a hearthrob for all ages. He’s way hot. Love that man. Great music, great voice, great everything.

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