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May 30, 2006 by

Ten of Life’s Simple Pleasures, as tagged by EWL.


1. Fresh Diet Coke on tap with lots of fresh lemon and or lime. Ahhh.. nothing like it.

2. Having the perfect jewelry to go with any outfit… jeans or dress up. Yup, can’t get enough of the bling.

3. Having a good sharp knife in the kitchen. I am such a knife snob, I even bring my own knives when I know I will be cooking at someone else’s house.

4. Weekend naps. ’nuff said.

5. The internet… love my buddies, love the connection with people all over the world. I mean, on Tuesdays I even get to have a “conversation” with my missionary via email. And the Blog Buddies! I just love ‘em!

6. My iPod. I love the music, the talks, the great stuff I can plug into my brain anytime I want.

7. My oh-so-comfy down pillows. Those who know me know that me and my pillows are never parted. There is nothing like snuggling into a great night’s sleep with those woomfy babies around my head.

8. Puddles. I love driving through puddles just fast enough to splash them up around my car. It makes my car filthy, but it really satisfies my innter child.

9. Knowing that I am only a phone call away from my girl friends, any time, any place.

10. Family members, husbando and evil offspring, who love me, who make me laugh, who make me cry, and who fill my life with incredible joy.

And I tag…. Glo and Julie. That way Julie might actually post again!

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  1. Have you also tried driving through mud? Using the right vehicle of course. It’s a little bit like puddles…

  2. What a great list. The pillow thing, I totally get. I have one in particular dubbed, “Squishy Pillow”, that I wrap around my head to drown out my husband’s endless snoring. Oh, and I’ve never met a knife snob before. Expanding my horizons a bit more each day!

  3. Glo

    That made me all sigh-happy….and gave me something to post today!

  4. All right, all right. I’ll play. But I did put up a new post yesterday.

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