France in October

Jul 26, 2006 by

I am knee-deep in planning my trip to France, which, for those of you who are travel buffs know, is half the fun. I have travel books, the internet, and nightly visits to the Travel Channel for assistance.

Apparently Southern France in October is fantastic. The average high is 65 degrees, which is perfect. I pick up my daughter on Wednesday, October 11th in Toulouse, and then we will head to the west coast just above Spain to the lovely little resort towns of Bayonne and Biarritz. Julia is serving there right now. It is hot in July, but in October most of the crowds will be gone and we will be able to enjoy the changing colors.

Then we head back towards the Mediterranean coast via Carcassonne. Carcassonne is an interesting fortified medieval hilltop town near the canal du midi . Julia has particularly requested that we visit here on our way to Provence. No problem!

We will spend two days in Nimes, the city where she served for over 7 months. There we will visit with the people she has so dearly come to love. Nimes has a Roman arena and other ancient sites. Very close to Nimes is Avignon and Arles, two little cities I want to visit. I want to stand on the Bridge at Avignon! We will attend church in the Nimes ward.

Then we will move on to Aix-en-Provence and stay there while we tour the areas of Provence. Provence in the fall! Oh, I can hardly stand it!!! We will also head down the coast to St. Tropez, Cannes, and maybe even venture into Monaco!

We leave France early on the morning of Friday, October 20th and will land in Salt Lake around 8:30 that night (although we will have been traveling for over 15 hours).

I decided to forego Paris on this trip. First, it is too expensive right now and secondly, too overwhelming at the end of an already long trip. So, next year, perhaps. Oui?

I can harldy wait for October. I will get to see my girl after 18 1/2 long months and I will get to visit France again!

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  1. Glo

    That looks tres magnifique!

  2. Looks/sounds wonderful. I’m envious, I admit. When you said “Avignon”, all I could think was that kids’ song we used to sing when my girls were little: Sur La Pont d’Avignon. Fun times! :-D
    On that bridge, remember me! And Provence. *sigh*
    Wow. I must actually get my life together and travel.

  3. Looks like a fantastic place to travel. Parlez vous Francais? Don’t answer in French, because I don’t speak it ;)

  4. Que je suis jalouse! But I am happy for you, too. And, never having been to Paris, I agree. Paris shouldn’t be done in a day or two on a tour–better to go back and do it right sometime.

    Bon voyage!

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