What color are you?

Jul 27, 2006 by

No, this isn’t like the color books that became so popular in the 1990s. This is an entirely different way of looking at your personality archetype.

So bear with me, and think about this, because it could be useful information to you, especially when you wonder why you are struggling… you can then look at the “grungies” of your personality type and get some answers.

Reds: leaders, doers, bold, dynamic

Orange: fun, people lovers, party time

Yellow: thinkers, mechanical, mathematicians, mental

Green: healers, balanced, in touch with all the senses

Blue: Wise, gurus, coach, bring out the best in people

Purple: Creative, artistic, musical, inventors, share their gifts

Violet: Unconditional love, compassionate, like Mother Theresa

So, pick your color, follow the link, and let me know who you are. Extra points for guessing my color!

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  1. Is there a quiz I can take to find out what color I am? I can’t guess, as I see pieces of myself in more than one color.

  2. There is no quiz… just see what resonates with you the most. Sometimes the real clue is in the “negative” things. We all have aspects of every color.. but what is your dominate one?

  3. elizabeth-w

    I think I’m a blue or a red. Are you an orange?

  4. I’ll go with yellow, which ironically has been one of my least favorite colors for as long as I can remember. My dislike of the color yellow began with an ill-conceived crayon-eating episode… no. I’m not ready to go back there yet, sorry.

  5. Nope, not an orange.

    RaJ – I would have pegged you for a yellow. I’m married to a yellow. It was very useful for me to figure that out.

  6. This was hard but my favorite color is and always has been green, and I guess I self identify with those characteristics the most.

    I could see you as an orange, possibly.

  7. debbiea

    I just realized that the 3 colors I am leaning toward are complimentary colors on the color wheel. What does it mean that I choose 3 not just one? Violet, orange & green are how I perceive myself. I think that you may be similar with yours being reversed in dominance green, orange & violet. I see the blue in you though too. What is your perception of self? You haven’t told us what color you are yet. Do tell!

  8. Debbie – I think you are a violet.

    I am a RED!!! With a lot of purple. But mostly I am a red. (Funny, I come up with that color on EVERY freaking color test!)

  9. Well, to be honest with you, whenever someone asks me what color I am, I always have to reply, “White. Just plain old white”.

  10. I’m mostly yellow, I think.

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