I should have known…

Jul 28, 2006 by

I should have known what kind of day it was to be when…

I dreamed I was pushing Eddie Freeman (my Synergy folks will enjoy this) in a wheelchair and continued to inadvertantly tip him over and spill him on the ground.

I got out of the shower and spent a second wondering where my clean undies had gone, and then realized I was already wearing them.

I set my earring box in front of me and reminded myself twice to put on earrings, and yet left the house with nothing in my ears.

The drink place had no fresh lemons for my Diet Coke.

And then I read Omar‘s and Glo‘s most excellent and witty posts and I realize that it indeed must be Friday and that I need to just relax and know that things will get better.

(As a side note, I just did a quick glance over this post and realized I had misspelled about 12 words, which is higher than my average)

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