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Sep 27, 2006 by

Spanish Fork Jr. High is celebrating “Spirit Week”.  Yesterday was “Clash Day”.  Kjarsti wanted to celebrate with her whole heart, so this is the get-up she wore.


She was miffed that they made her take her head-dress off.  She was also miffed that her teacher refused to have the contest in her second period class, so she wasn’t even in the running.  What a shame.  Today is “sports” day and she decided to wear the slippers I made for the Slipper Contest at Weird Shift.  Yes, these are the same slippers that people have said are “nasty” and “perverted”.  However, as you can see, they are tobogganing, which is a sport.


And, because I have tried a new product on my hair, I am having a better hair day.  I purchased a Bed Head product yesterday, and I am quite pleased with the results.


And here I am in all my glory:


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  1. Sam

    I sure do love those nasty slippers.

  2. LOOOVE the hair! it’s all volume-y – sex-ay!

  3. glo

    Nice hair. Nasty slippers.

    Amazing how often those go together….

  4. Deb

    Is that what you call that? Tobogganing? That is an interesting word for cross breeding!

  5. glo

    Gosh. The slippers just make me giggle. Are they available for resale?

  6. I’m embarrassed. I wore that same outfit just today. Boy, is my face red.

  7. I thought that “Clash Day” meant that you had to wear stuffed animal pants like these, and sing “Rock The Casbah”, and “God Save The Queen” all day long.

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