Turning over a new Leaf

Nov 27, 2006 by

OK, I’m taking the plunge. I’m getting my groove on. I’m gonna shake, shake, shake my booty.

So to speak.

I am now the proud owner (again) of one of these little tags.


This is the key to fitness, health, longevity. Oh, and sore muscles, pain, panting, and boring TV.

I am going to return to my habit of going to the gym FIRST THING in the morning, and then getting ready for work there. This way there is no excuse, no backing out, and no avoiding the gym. I must do this!

And of course there is the thing that I will have begun in December, thus enabling great smugness in January for all the “New Year’s Resolution” gym goers.

See, I really plan ahead.

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  1. So what time will you be going? I might consider joining you there. With my completely unused in two whole years $2/year lifetime membership and all.

  2. -DB

    Nice capture of Hilo bay and coastline. Looks like you took it from Richardson’s in

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